How to create a strong password

Password determines the security of your account. Short and weak passwords are easy to guess and crack, therefore I will show you some tricks that will help you to create a strong passwords. Most of us use the password that are simple and easy to guess for example “iloveu, chocolate, nepal, etc. Anyone can easily guess these types of password. Let me give you an example, 4 years ago when I was passing through a Bank I found a their WiFi network. At that time their WiFi network was encrypted with WEP security  and I entered “nepal”  as a password, hopefully it was correct but it was a weak password. Therefore never use these kind of common words as a password because it is easy to guess and crack. Lets learn the detail answer of how to create a strong password?

how to create a strong password

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Avoid Creating Short passwords

You should avoid creating short passwords because short passwords are insecure and weak. Always create password greater than 8 character. Remember your password should contain alphabet and numeric values because alphanumeric combination is best combination to create a strong password. It is very hard or impossible to crack a longer and alphanumeric password therefore always create a password greater than 8 character with alphanumeric combination.

Create a passwords with multiple combination of different characters

As I already mentioned, alphanumeric combination is one of the secure combination to create a password but you can even create a stronger password then alphanumeric with the combination of different characters such as symbols, numbers and alphabets, one of the example of this kind of password is “3+3=six”. If you create a password similar as “3+3=six” it will be easy for you to remember and hard to guess or crack.

creating a easy but unique and difficult password

How can you create an easy but unique and difficult password? It is easy and simple to create these kind of passwords, it may contain any characters. Lets create an easy but unique and difficult password.

For example if your password is iamjustforyou, your easy but unique and difficult password is !@m?u$t4Y0u. Here alphabets are replaced with numbers and symbols.

i:!, a:@, m, j:?,u,s:$, t,for:4, y:Y, o:0, u

Isn’t is simple and easy to remember. Now create your own unique password and try to find more symbols that can replace the alphabets of your password.

Using Password Generators

Password generator can create a very strong password with the combination of different characters. Since, the generated password are meaningless therefore it is very difficult to remember. You have to save those password in a secure place so that you can further use it  when required.

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