A beginner guide to Facebook Advertisement – The Best Way to advertise on Facebook

beginner guide to Facebook Advertisement

Today social media have ruled the digital marketing world. It has become the most useful digital marketing channel to get more impressions, clicks, and conversion. Here, Facebook stands out of other social media sites as it has become the most cost-effective advertisement. And, the good news is you can spend about $5/day on Facebook advertisement and check out the significant outcomes.

Sounds cool, Right??

In addition, the Facebook advertisement has become the most influential weapon to improve your business and produce more leads and sales. You can find more than 3 million business advertisement on Facebook. Also, there are lots of Facebook marketing tools available that makes your life easy.

So, have you started Facebook advertisement for your business?

If not, do not be late, there is no better time to start the advertisement than now.

Still confused?? Don’t worry I will explain it in the article.

Here are some reasons why Facebook advertising is exciting for marketers:

  • Audience size: Nowadays, Facebook consists of more than 1.13 billion active users daily and about 1.03 billion users access the social media site through the mobile devices.
  • Grab the attention: Users spend lots of time on social media networking and the average users spend approximately 40-50 minutes on the social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger daily.
  • Decline organic reach: For a few years to now, the organic reach on Facebook has been declined and has nearly hit zero. If you are willing to break through at the present time, you can use a pay-to-play network of Facebook.
  • Targeting: The targeting choice in the Facebook Ads is truly remarkable. Many companies are allowed to target the audiences in terms of their location, age, gender, interest, demographics, behavior and more.

Before dealing with any marketing campaign, you have to be aware of its pros and cons.

For your ease, here are pros and cons of Facebook advertisement:

Pros of Facebook Advertisement

  • Simple to track campaigns
  • Instant influx of traffic
  • Total control on your day-to-day budget with determined Cost-per-click
  • Immediate ROI (Return On Investment)
  • More targeting choice that includes location, age, interest, income and other majors.
  • Easy to set up compared to Google AdWords.
  • The capability to real users early on in the buying procedures earlier than they are aware of the requirements and capture the aware of the requirement in a refined manner.
  • Allows to use images and videos to grab the interest of your targeted marketplace and help you to sell the services and products.

Cons of Facebook Advertisement

  •  If managed and executed improperly, it can be expensive but less compared to Google AdWords.
  • Depends on the targeted marketplace and the potential users can become unrelated
  • There is no choice to target the advertisement at a particular time in the day and particular days of the week until you decide on the lifetime budget.
  • Mostly preferred for those working in B2C marketplace.

Here are quick guidelines to Facebook Advertisement:

1.  How to create Facebook Business page?

If you are willing to advertise on the website, firstly, you should create a Facebook business page. After creating the page, you can also create a brand persona on the website providing your audiences resource to get more about and engage in your business. Click on this link to create Facebook page.

After that you have to go through and decide on the category on:

  • Local Business or Place
  • Company, Organization or Institute
  • Brand or product
  • Artist, Band or Public Figure
  • Entertainment
  • Cause or Community

beginner guide to Facebook Advertisement

beginner guide to Facebook AdvertisementGetting started

From your Facebook Ads dashboard, you can proceed to https://www.facebook.com/ads/manager/creation/ and click the drop-down arrow on Facebook and select “Manage Ads” from the drop-down.

beginner guide to Facebook Advertisement

  • Exploring your way over the dashboard

From ads dashboard, you will be able to manage all the aspects of your Facebook advertisement and find all the major tools, menus, and buttons.

 2. Types of Facebook Advertisement

Facebook advertisements are very versatile and now there are 11 variations you can utilize for solving a complete host business issue to drive traffic towards the website to reach the people in your targeted area.

Check out the list of different advertisement accessible to Facebook advertisement experts:

1. Promote your page

Steps Involved:

  • Select your Facebook Page or enter its URL
  • Give suitable name to campaign

2. Send people to your site

Steps Involved:

  • Enter URL of the page you wish to promote.
  • Select a conversion pixel to track further ad performance (This is optional)
  • Give suitable name to this campaign

3. Boost your page

Steps Involved:

  • Select one of your Facebook pages or enter the URL
  • Choose a previous update that you have published to your page
  • Give name to this campaign

4. Maximize conversion on your website

Steps Involved:

  • Enter the URL that you want to promote
  • Select a conversion pixel to track the conversion of the advertisement
  • Provide suitable name to this campaign

5. Receive your app installs

Step Involved:

  • Select an application either by typing the name or your app or pasting URL from Google Play Store or iOS App store
  • Name this campaign

6. Enhance engagement in your app

Steps Involved:

  • Pick up an app, either by typing in your app name or paste URL from Google play store or iOS App
  • Provide this campaign a name

7. Raise your email attendance

Steps Involved:

  • Select one of your Facebook event or enter a Facebook event URL
  • Provide this campaign a name

8. Reach people near your business

Steps Involved:

  • Pick up one of your Facebook page or enter its URL
  • Provide this campaign a name

9. Get people to claim your offer

Steps Involved:

  • Produce a new offer or select one of the offers you already published to your Facebook page
  • Give suitable campaign name

11. Get video views

Steps Involved:

  • Select one of your Facebook Pages or you can also enter the URL
  • Give a suitable name to the campaign.

12. Gather leads for your company

Steps Involved:

  • Pick one of your Facebook pages or enter its URL
  • Provide suitable name to the campaign

3. How to select audience for your Facebook ad?

Within every advertisement set, you get a chance to target particular audiences relevant to your advertisement and this is the main point where Facebook ad becomes both important and powerful. There are lots of understanding about how these audience sections work and there are lots of approaches to try as well.

Here are some points to focus on:

  • Create custom audience
  • Targeting according to geographical region
  • Age, gender and language targeting
  • Target by behavior and interest
  • Target by how they are connected to your page
  • Audience range scale
  • Audience selection outline

4. Budgeting, Analysis, and Successful Strategies

While dealing with the budget setting section of Facebook advertisement, you will have control over the two important elements. They are how much money you are willing to spend and when you are willing to start spending it. Furthermore, there is a particular customization option as well, to be eager to get the complete control on the details of delivery.

By default, Facebook will suggest a daily budget of $20. Also, you can set this according to your desire, either choose “daily” or “lifetime” budget and also update the amount you are willing to spend.

Most popular strategies and Facebook advertisement tips

  • Think about the placement of URL
  • Do not wait: Double down what is working
  • At least spend $5/ad
  • Do not use low-quality images
  • Segment more than you think you have to

Wrapping Up,

I hope now you are aware of Facebook advertisements. There are lots of benefits of Facebook ads, using Facebook advertisement you can reach various audiences and meet your business objectives. This surely makes your adverts more effective for the people who are observing them and gives you real-time results.

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