Best Sentence Structure Corrector & Grammar check free no download required

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Best Sentence Structure Corrector & Grammar check free no download required

Being a blogger myself I know how important it is to have a sentence structure corrector and a grammar checker tool while writing a blog post. I know how important it is for students and business owner while writing an assignment or a presentation.

While blogging, a serious blogger should never neglect the importance of grammar because your grammar and punctuation are other major factors that will affect your search engine ranking. No matter how high quality your content is, a post written with poor grammar cannot beat with competitors and cannot rank at the top of search engine.

Therefore, this post will guide you through the process in which you will learn about a free as well as paid tool that will help you to correct your sentences and grammar automatically.

How Can Poor Grammar Affect Your SEO?

Matt Cutts, Google’s Head of search spam answers a question related to this topic in his webmaster help video. A user asks:

Do spelling and grammar matter when evaluating content and site quality?

He says “Few years when he checked spelling and grammar weren’t among the signals needed for ranking and in future it will be fair to use it as a ranking signal. When they analyzed the data, they found that reputable sites with proper grammar and spelling are ranking the top position and others at the lower position.”

As, this video was posted in 2011, Do remember that Google is now using grammar as its ranking signal.

Matt Cutts, Answers another question related to comment as well.

Should I correct the grammar on comments to my WordPress blog? Should I not approve comments with poor grammar? Will approving comments with grammar issues affect my page’s quality ratings?

He, says “I will not worry about Grammar in your comments as long as the Grammar on your page is fine. There are several people on the internet and write that doesn’t make sense to your content. You can see nonsense comments on youtube, and that doesn’t mean that youtube video will not rank in search engine. Make sure that your content is High Quality with correct grammar.”

Read More:

Matt Cutts Explains How Comments With Bad Spelling and Grammar Affect A Page’s Ability to Rank:

Best Sentence Structure Corrector & Grammar check tool

Above, paragraph clearly explains why it is important to use proper sentence structure and grammar while writing contents for your blog. Therefore, here I am going to mention a best sentence structure corrector and grammar check tool that requires no download and installation.

Grammarly: The Best Sentence Structure Corrector & Grammar check tool

We human being are always on the rush and most of the time we make mistakes. Think about a situation when you are sending an email to admission officer for your higher studies. What if the officer sees an email with so many grammar mistakes?


No problem we have a brand new tool introduced by Grammarly.

Today, I am going to talk about a browser extension and an online tool that will help you a lot while writing English contents.

Especially if you are a Non-English writer or from a Non-English country, this tool is going to be a great bonus.

Grammarly demo the best sentece structure corrector grammar checker

Grammarly Demo

As English is not my first language, I usually face problems while writing contents. I try my best to learn English but as I am not a native writer, most of the time I make grammar mistakes and at that time Grammarly is the best sentence structure corrector as well as automatic grammar checker tool that acts as a savior.

Features of Grammarly

A Powerful browser Grammar Checker Plugin

A Large business can hire a proofreader but what about individual bloggers like you. I don’t think it is feasible for beginners to employ someone to proofread their contents. Here is the solution, install a Grammarly extension for your browser and it will work as your sentence structure corrector and grammar checker.

Grammarly extension not only works while writing a blog post instead it will also help you while commenting on Facebook, writing a tweet or email and in each and every text box that you see in your browser.


Let me show you how Grammarly works. The first thing you need to do is install the Grammarly extension plugin in your browser. So, register a free account and if you love their service, you can upgrade the plan to Premium with added extra features.

Being a human we can proofread as much as possible but having assistance to help is a blessing. Here the magic of Grammarly begins; It works as your virtual personal proofreader that suggests each and every sentence structure and grammatical error.

Let’s Start with a demo. To show you exactly how Grammarly works I am going to edit my previous post which I thought it was perfect to publish.

Sign Up for Grammarly, this is the very first you need to complete and then install a browser extension, or if you are a student, then you can even get a plugin for your Microsoft office.

I have published a post “How to build a business website with WordPress – Drag and Drop method” While editing I thought grammars are ok, but the reality was terrible. I have made around 46 critical grammatical errors which were finally fixed by Grammarly.

Grammarly Error detection the best sentece structure-corrector grammar checker

Error Detected By Grammarly

After installing an extension, you can find a circular red box with errors counted over it, and when you click on that circular box, a window pops up with the suggestions required to fix the errors.

Grammarly Error correction the best sentece structure-corrector grammar checker

Grammarly Suggestion To Fix errors

It’s no like simple spelling errors detected by Microsoft office instead it detects all the critical issues like where to add commas, using then or than, if you have many repeated words then it suggests to use synonyms. Overall it is one of the best online Sentence Structure Corrector & Grammar check tool that makes easier to write and the best is part it doesn’t require any downloads.

So, guys Grammarly is the tool I have been using for several months to check my sentence structure, punctuation, Grammatical errors and the most important Plagiarism. If you have any other queries related to this product then feel free to leave a comment below or if you think this tool is perfect for you then grab a premium plan to get started.


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