Make Money Online Without Investment Stop Paying Anything to Spam Websites

Make Money Online Without Investment Stop Paying Anthing to Spam Websites

Making money online is a dream for everyone because you are the boss of yourself. There’s no need to wake up at 6 and get ready with tidy formal suits. It is not so hard as you think, making money online without any investment will be possible after reading this post. So, get ready to begin earning online without paying anything.

I am a student as well as a self-employed blogger earning a decent income online. As I mentioned on the About page, I am actually from a different city of Nepal, but right now I am here a Kathmandu and paying all my expenses like monthly rent of a flat and living expenses from the income generated online.

I have already used and tested the methods that I am going to mention here. All of these methods will help you to make money online without investment or paying anything. So, let’s get started with the tools and techniques that help you to earn online without investment.

What You Should Never Do to Make Money Online Without Investment


Never Search For Online Data Entry Jobs

Around five years ago, I was a beginner in the online field. I have no idea, but I read a blog post where it was clearly written that data entry is the easiest job available out there on the internet. Yes, it’s true that it is one of the most straightforward tasks, but as you know that “success cannot be achieved in one day” till today, I never found a legitimate website offering data entry job.

Some few sites are offering legitimate data entry jobs, but unfortunately, they do not pay as much as your hard work deserves. I know one company called Cloudfactory, and it offers genuine data entry jobs, but as I mentioned previously their payments are not much attractive and, on the other hand, it is only available for Nepali Citizens.

Never Copy Others

I have seen many cases in the desperate of making money online without investment people usually forgot what they are doing. Without knowing the consequences, they keep on doing it for several months and finally end up with few cents in their account balance.

I have written a post in explaining more on this topic.

Read Here: Why I’m A Failed Blogger But I’m Hopeful For Getting Success

It was a story of mine when I was a beginner in the field of blogging. I started a blog in SMS niche to earn online in Blogspot platform. I heard from someone that Adsense pays whenever someone clicks on my ad.  It’s like winning a lottery I started copying others but, to be frank, I never received a genuine and converting reader on my website. I end up with disapproved Adsense account and with approved ugly pop-up ads that pay nothing.

I am writing this for beginner bloggers who are interested in making money online but are on the wrong path. Guys, copying others cannot lead you to success; instead, you will unknowingly spend your precious time for nothing.

Stop doing Illegal Activities 

Illegal activities refer to uploading pirated movies, creating porn site or sharing pirated software.  Yes, it’s true that this kind of websites can make huge money but remember guys the good always comes with bad. In search of the river, you can flow with the force of water. What I mean is this type of website never last for more than few months, or law enforcement can even punish you.

Let me tell you a story, few years ago one of my friend joined a university in Bangalore to proceed his further study. As he was far from his home, he started to search online to make money during leisure time.  He found a trick to earn by uploading movies and TV shows in file hosting sites like zippy share and started sharing the links in the forum.

OMG! Within few months, he earned several hundred dollars from it. His confidence gradually goes on increasing and to upload more movies in less time he purchased a VPS server with 150 Mbps of internet connection and a spamming tool called theme poster to post movies link automatically in the forum.

He was making huge money, so what’s wrong with it then? Unfortunately,  he was caught by police and now he is still in jail and counting for his release date.

Do not Fall in Trap of Scam website 

Searching on Google is one of the easiest task, but it doesn’t matter that the site you found in the top result is a legitimate one.  When I usually search in the web, I have seen many websites offering data entry jobs in a big banner saying that they pay $10 an hour or more than that. What $10 an hour? If so then why I am writing this long article 😀

Some of the websites may offer free sign up, and other will ask you for few amount of application fees.

You may think a site that is offering free sign up may be a legitimate one, but it’s not true when you start working with them you may see increasing amount in your account balance, but your bank account will never be credited.


So, Guys, these are some of the points you need to avoid when you want to make money online without investment or paying anything to scammers.  Now, lets get started with the genuine and legal ways to make money online without paying a single penny.

Ways to Make money online without Investment

There can be several paths to meet a single destination. One can be long, and other can be short. It doesn’t matter which one you will choose to reach the goal; Of course, I will choose the safe and reliable one.

In short, I mean when you want to earn money from your computer then you have to choose a right path that leads to success. Therefore, I wrote this post to provide proper guidance that will naturally help you to achieve your goal.

Here in this post, I will only give you the basic idea that you can use to earn online without investing money. Success is in your hand, to be frank if you are a hard worker then success is near to your feet.

Find Your Talent and Sell it online on Fiverr

Before Writing anything else let me tell you what Fiverr is?

Fiverr is a website where you can sell your services for $5. So, what do you mean by services?

It means the talent that you have. Like I have the talent to design a WordPress site, and you can have a very powerful voice to use as a voiceover artist, or you can have a fabulous researching talent.

Similarly, you can have an expert writing talent. Think who you are or what is your talent and publish a gig on Fiverr like I have posted “I will design your complete WordPress site.” Below I have also added my online earning stats too.

Everyone composes hidden natural talent, or we can even learn few of them. As some of us born naturally, a good singer and some may be a good sketch artist. I am not saying that you cannot learn them physically, but my point is the talent you have gained can be used a weapon to make money online without paying anything.


My Online Earning Stats Of Fiverr


I was not born with any singing or artistic talent, but I made my first online three figure income from Fiverr. It was around Feb 2012 when I started learning WordPress from Within few weeks, I became an expert WordPress designer I started designing websites of my friends which help me to gain more experience and finally in 2014 I posted my first gig in Fiverr.

1. Make a video and Share it online on Youtube.

Yes, it’s true that YouTube pays its partners. What You just need to do is upload a video and monetize it with Adsense.

Several YouTubers are making six figure income a month from their youtube channel. If you are a great artist or if you are tech savvy person start a new Youtube channel and start guiding people to do something or upload videos that entertain viewers.

What to do to make money online from youtube?

The very first step starts with creating a YouTube channel and uploading Videos in it. Videos? What kind of videos?

See:  How I made $100 within 10 days From YouTube?

Of course, the answer is that attracts viewers and ranks well in search engine.  Start doing keyword research on the topic that pops up in your mind. Find less competitive keyword and start optimizing your video for that keyword.

If you don’t know what a keyword research is? Then it’s a method that helps you to find out how many people are searching for the particular word in the search engine.

Google Provides a free Keyword Planner Tool for keyword research 

Here, is an advance Guide to keyword research.

Write Blogs and Earn online from your site.

I am currently doing this for my living. I found this method as one of the reliable sources of income.

Blogging starts with choosing a right platform since here in this post we are only talking about making money online without any investment I suggest to with Google’s  Blogspot.

Learn: How to start a blog from beginning? 

In this competitive blogosphere, blogging is considered as one of the toughest jobs to accomplish. I mean anyone can start their blog, but the target is making it a brand.

Start writing your thoughts as a blog post and share it with the whole world. Give consistency on writing frequency and try to increase your blog traffic as much as you can.

After starting a blog monetize it with ads like with Google Adsense or use other alternatives. You can even try using affiliate marketing where you will earn commission on each sale. Below I have attached my commission report from Elegantthemes affiliate program.


The toughest part in blogging is about writing a high-quality article which engages visitors and ranks well in search engine.

Promote Products and Earn Commission

This topic directly goes on affiliate marketing but to be more descriptive I  made a different section for it. Since this is the method that every blogger uses to earn money from their blog I will explain it in a more definitive way.

Formally speaking you get few percentage of commission when someone buys an item from the link you have promoted.

An item could be an online tool or product from eBay. For example web hosting, WordPress themes Amazon products, etc.

I have written a separate section for this topic. Please read here.

To get started you need to create an affiliate account like you can use ShareASale and search for the desired product you want to promote.When your account gets approved just grab a link and then promote their product either in your website or make a youtube video to promote it. You will get certain percentage of commission on each successful sale.

Sell Your Product and Earn online from Amazon and Ebay

make money online without investment by selling items on ebay

Screenshot of item that I am selling onlineon eBay

Do you have any family business? If yes, then why are you not selling online. To be an online seller, you do not have to create your e-commerce website instead giant companies like eBay and Amazon take cares of it.

If you have any product to sell or if you are planning to start an online shop why not giving a try to these giant companies because they do have billions of visitors each month and you can use them as a platform to put your product in front of thousands of buyers.

To Get started create your seller account either in Amazon or Ebay and then list your product for sale. When it sells, ship it to the destination address of your buyer. That’s it you are done with setting up an online business.

Be a Tutor and Sell Your Video Tutorials in Udemy

Simply, Udemy is like youtube, but the difference is it’s a collection of educational videos where you will learn anything you want. From programming to Accounting and from Advertising to setting up an online business all kinds of videos are available in Udemy, and you have to pay for it.

If you can then record your video tutorial then, create a tutor account. Upload your tutorial videos and set up the price for it. Wait for udemy to approve your video. If it approves then, your students can enroll in your video course series by paying the amount you have mentioned.

Learn more about making money online from Udemy Online course

Earn from Freelancing site

This is one of the finest method that you can use to make money online without investing a single penny. Freelancing site offers all type of jobs you can do from your home. You just need to create a profile in any of these freelancing sites and give certain ability test to express yourself and your talet. I recommend and Elance.

Search for the job you are intreated in and apply for it. If you got selected then focus on quality because your profile rating matters a lot. A profile with negative review will never get accepted for further job in future. So, be careful and give as much as you can.

Final Words

These are some of the methods I used in past or I am currently using them to make money online without investment or  paying anything.I hope this post will probably save you from those scammers who are saying to pay thousands of dollar a month after certain application fees. Guys if you have any suggestion regarding this post or if you think I am missing any section feel free to leave a comment below. I am happy to hear from you.





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