How Much does Google Adsense Pay Per Click to its Publishers

Read this complete post to find the answer of How Much does Google Adsense Pay Per Click on its Ads.

Recently, I wrote a post on high paying Adsense alternatives where I have mentioned different types of high-paying alternatives to AdSense. Same as the previous post it is also related with Adsense but here in this post, I will provide detail answer of how much does google Adsense pay its publisher.

It is a dream for newbie bloggers to get an approved Adsense account but unfortunately many of them are still trying. I know many of the newbie bloggers are still blogging just to get an approved Adsense account but guys to be frank Adsense is not just a single way to monetize your blog. You can find various different alternatives such as affiliate marketing and other alternatives like Chitika and infolinks.

How Much does Google Adsense Pay Per Click to its Publishers

I know that without having an approved AdSense account or being a newbie to AdSense you may have some queries related to its payment it pays per click. Therefore read this complete post to find the answer of how much does google AdSense pay-per-click for displaying its ad on your website.

The question is still unanswered because Google never allows its publisher to reveal their earning to the public but here in this post I will give you a detailed knowledge of how Adsense pays to its publisher and how much money you can make if you have 1000 daily visitors.

The answer to this question is, It depends . It depends on your Page views, Clicks, Page CTR, CPC, and page RPM. You may find all these terms a bit technical but don’t worry below I will explain it in more detail.

How Much does Google Adsense Pay Per Click on its Ads

In order to calculate or to estimate your Adsense earning you need to know about five different terms used by AdSense and here I have briefly explained each of that term.

Terms you must know to calculate your Adsense earning

i. Pageviews

Pageviews is the term used to identify the time a webpage on a website is accessed by a visitor. It is what Google counts in your AdSense report every time a user views a page displaying advertisement. Google will count one pageview regardless of the number of ads displayed on that page.

Let’s take an example

Let’s say you have a web page displaying three different ads of Google and it is viewed twice, now it will generate two pageviews instead of one in your stats.

ii. Clicks

As the name suggests for the standard content ads click is counted as a number of times visitors clicks on your ad whereas, for link units, a click is counted when a user clicks on an ad on the page of ads, after selecting a link in the link unit.

iii. Page CTR (Clickthrough rate)

CTR = ( Clicks / Number of impressions, views, or queries) * 100%

or example, if you received 7 clicks out of 100 page views, your page CTR would be 7%.

iv. CPC (Cost Per Click)

Cost Per Click is a calculated amount in which advertisers pay publishers (website owner) when the ad is clicked. In simple word, it is an amount spent to get an advertisement clicked.

Advertisers typically bid on keyword phrase relevant to their target commodity or goods and the PPC ads are displayed  as banner ads on a website or search engine results with related content that have agreed to show ads.

v. Page RPM (Page Revenue per thousand impressions)

Page revenue per thousand impressions (RPM) is calculated by dividing your estimated earnings by the number of page views you received, then multiplying by 1000.

RPM = (Estimated earnings / Pageviews) * 1000

For example, if you earned an estimated $1 from 100 page views, then your page RPM would equal ($1 / 100) * 1000, or $10.00.


Calculation of How Much does Google Adsense Pay.

Let’s say your content is optimized for keyword “backlink checker” with cost per click (CPC) of $0.04.

And now let’s say you are getting 695 daily page views with around 14 clicks  and RPM of $0.72 from this keyword. So, what will be your Adsense earning?

Rough way to calculate your RPM

Estimated earning = CPC x Clicks

RPM = (Estimated earnings / Pageviews) * 1000

Adsense Earning Calculation

Your Adsense earning will be = (Pageviews x RPM)/ 1000 = $0.50


How CPC of each ad are determined

If you are familiar with keyword research, then I am pretty sure that you have already used the adword keyword planner tool. If you haven’t used it before then let me explain you. It’s a tool designed for advertisers to find the targeted keyword to promote their business. Advertisers usually use this tool to determine the search volume and the CPC of the specfic keyword. After analyzing CPC and volume advertiser or marketer will set the bid amount for that keyword.

Note: Larger the bid amount higher the CPC will be.

Let’s say after bidding the CPC for the keyword was $1 and now when someone clicks on your ad instead of earning $1 you will earn $0.68 because the revenue shared by Google is 68% and remaining is Google’s commission.

The Facts about CPC, CPM, CPE

While bidding for the targeted keyword advertisers can also use two different bidding options and they are CPM (Cost Per thousand impression) and CPE (Cost Per engagement). As the name suggests in CPM advertiser pay a fixed price for thousand impressions. Instead of paying for each click advertiser can now choose to pay per thousand impressions.

Recently Google launched a new bid that i.e. CPE where the advertiser will only pay when a visitor completes certain action on the ad displayed on your website. The action might be watching a video, expanding the ad, completing the survey, and etc.

Some tips to get Adsense approval

I hope the above topics have answered your questions about,  How Much does Google Adsense Pay Per Click to its Publishers?

Now, lets learn few tricks to get an AdSense approval.

  • Buy a Custom Domain name: Have you ever heard that ” First impression is your last impression” so does applies here in the case of Adsense. A top-level custom domain reflects your brand and professionalism so it’s better to buy a custom domain.
  • Never copy others: Copied content will never receive an approval therefore write your own unique and high quality articles.
  • Only for south Asian nations : The domain most be 6-month-old.
  • Add About, Contact and Privacy Policy page
  • Write at least 25 high-quality posts before applying
  • Do not copy images directly from google search instead use royalty free images
  • Make your site design clean and easy to navigate
  • Do not use flashy ads and pop-ups while applying


This is the simple but effective trick to calculate your Adsense earning. As I have already mentioned the way to calculate your RPM,  just by putting its value you can calculate your earning.

I hope this post will probably be helpful for a newbie blogger to find the answer of how much does google Adsense pay before getting an Adsense approval.







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