YouTube Keyword Research Suggestion tool guide to increase video views and rank

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Do you have any idea about YouTube SEO? Let’s get started with YouTube Keyword Research Suggestion tool to increase video views and rank.

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YouTube is always a great platform for viewers to find a video they love and it is also a perfect platform for creators to share their thoughts. However, for creators, there is always a problem of finding their target audience.

I still remember the day when I started a youtube channel with a video to track a lost android phone. Unfortunately, I never received a decent amount of views from YouTube and Google search page. As there are tons of competitors, the targeted keyword for that video is not helping me to rank well and because of disappointment,  I deleted that video after few months.

You can still find that post here: How to track your lost android phone?

YouTube is a big platform. In compared to any other video sharing platform YouTube is an elephant, and others are peanuts. Therefore, we cannot ignore the fact that for vloggers who is serious about making money online from YouTube should never neglect keyword research while uploading videos.

Let’s get started with guide YouTube Keyword Research Suggestion tool 

Why Keyword research is essential for YouTube Videos

It is always a good idea to find your target audience before publishing your content. So, while uploading your video live on the internet find an exact keyword that people are searching. It will be worthless if you make a great content with no views.

Therefore, before making a video, research to find the numbers of queries that viewers are searching either on Youtube or Google.

YouTube Keyword Research Guide

If you ever did a keyword research, then I am pretty sure that you might have used Google Adwords tool but guys it does not provide estimated search for YouTube instead it provides for Google and is developed for advertisers.

Does it mean that we cannot use Google AdWord tool?
We can use it for keyword research, but we will learn it a bit later.

Start with YouTube Search Box Suggestion

YouTube Search box is one of the most powerful place you can start. I am sure that you might have noticed while searching for videos on YouTube you can see few suggestions below. These are the similar most searched keywords and are perfect for targeting your audience.

As there is no any official tool provided by Google to measure monthly search volume, therefore we have to depend on Google AdWords and other keyword planner tool.

So, let’s get started with adding these keywords in a spreadsheet. For this post, I am using Google Docs.

Note: YouTube search box suggestion do not provide monthly search volume instead it only shows the list of most searched keyword.

youtube searchbox suggestion for Youtube keyword research suggestion

Export Suggested Keyword To Spreadsheet for YouTube Keyword Research

Let’s say I am making a video of “best DSLR camera” and here in the above picture, you can see several most searched related keywords. Now, I am going to export all these keywords to the spreadsheet so that I can further analyze its estimated monthly volume and difficulty.

youtube keyword research guide


Note: The above keywords are only most searched keyword in YouTube search, not in Google.

Now, let’s analyze the competition in YouTube for specific, keyword.

youtube keyword research guide to rank at top

When I searched for the term “best DSLR camera 2016” most of the results are targeting this keyword, and it will be much harder for us to rank at the top  therefore now lets move to another keyword having least competition.

After few hit and trials, I found that the keyword “best DSLR camera 2016 under 500” only contains two results with few matching phrases. So, now it can be the keywords we can target while uploading a video.

youtube keyword research guide to rank at top

So, what about its monthly search volume. YouTube says that these are most searched terms but as there is no any official tool to measure so we have to depend on AdWords to find its estimated monthly search on Google.

Let’s start our keyword research on Google AdWords and optimize our video for YouTube and Google.

At top, you can find Tools click there and select keyword planner

youtube keyword research guide to rank at top

Now, select Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category and enter you seed keyword. In my case, I will enter best dslr camera 2016 under 500.

You can find several related keywords with its monthly searches.

youtube keyword research guide

Now, using these keywords, we will optimize our Youtube video title, description, and tags

How to Optimize YouTube video for SEO

YouTube and Google do not have the ability to watch and understand your video, therefore, you need to optimize your video by adding a relevant title, description, and tags. Your ranking depends on these three major factors, therefore, do not neglect the title, description, and tags for YouTube video optimization.

Remember these steps while Uploading YouTube Videos

  • Optimize Your Video Title: Your title should be few words long and add the keyword you are targeting in the title. Do not use shorter  title try to make it a bit longer but so that we can target long tail keywords.
  • Use Tags: Make sure to add tags that are relevant to your content and is research wisely before using it. Try to use tags that have higher search volume and is relevant. Do not use spammy techniques like repeating the same tags again and again.
  • Create a Useful Description: I have watched several videos in which uploader uses just a few line of a sentence in the description but remember guys it’s a serious issue and can impact your long term ranking. Try to include several hundreds of words in your description (almost same as a short blog post) and try to repeat the keyword you are targeting in the description. Also, make sure that you use plenty of relevant keyword in the description this will help you to optimize your video both for YouTube and Google.

My Final Words

I hope that this Youtube Keywords research and suggestion tool guide will probably help you to optimize your videos for the search engine as well as for YouTube. If You have any queries or if you think there are other steps that I haven’t mentioned then please provide your kind suggestions in the comment below. I will try my best to answer your queries and will take your suggestions seriously.

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