How to Locate android phone and trace it remotely

This post was written several years ago and therefore there may be some changes in android device manager interface.

Did you lost your phone that contains very important pictures or videos ? So, You don’t want others to look your private pictures or videos. Simply you may think that you cannot access that phone and the data stored in it but now its possible to locate any android phone. You can locate its accurate location as well as you can remotely erase the data that are stored in your phone. In other words, you can trace your phone remotely. You don’t have to install any third-party software and apps to locate your phone. You just need a computer with an internet connection.

locate android phone

This trick requires an email address that was used in your android phone and in order to locate your phone you should visit the website of  android device manager and login with your email and the password . After logging in into the android device manager you can trace you phone just by clicking at the small location icon located at top right corner.

You can even ring your phone from PC and can also erase and lock it remotely.


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