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A beginner guide to Facebook Advertisement – The Best Way to advertise on Facebook

Today social media have ruled the digital marketing world. It has become the most useful digital marketing channel to get more impressions, clicks, and conversion. Here, Facebook stands out of other social media sites as it has become the most cost-effective advertisement. And, the good news is you can

5 reasons why to use CDN – Content Delivery Network in Your Blog

Why do you need a content delivery network (CDN) in your blog or why to use CDN? Get the answer by reading this full post. I never thought that one day I will integrate CDN in my blog because at initial days I have no idea about what a

How to add Blogger Contact Form in Contact us page

It’s a frustrating job when I try to add contact form in my blogger contact us page. Since, by default blogger only provides a widget to add contact form in your side bar therefore you need some coding techniques to add it inside your contact us page. However you

How to get more likes on facebook page

If you have recently created a Facebook fan page  for your blog or a website, increasing likes will be the major headache for you. Simply you can get 50-100 likes just by inviting your friends but the problem arises after that. Increasing a single like is just like searching

Never Known ways to earn money online

May be you are thinking of working from home but you don’t have any idea where to start from, may be you are thinking that working and earning online from home is an impossible fact but now the trend has changed, you can earn thousands of dollars just by

How to create a strong password

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Password determines the security of your account. Short and weak passwords are easy to guess and crack, therefore I will show you some tricks that will help you to create a strong passwords. Most of us use the password that are simple and easy to guess for example “iloveu,

How to Locate android phone and trace it remotely

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This post was written several years ago and therefore there may be some changes in android device manager interface. Did you lost your phone that contains very important pictures or videos ? So, You don’t want others to look your private pictures or videos. Simply you may think that you