How to start blogging and earn online

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Blogging is one of the best way to share your thoughts, idea and to earn money online, but you may need an idea to start blogging. Lets learn here how to start blogging and different techniques that will help you to be a professional blogger. I will demonstrate different techniques used in blogging, different platform that are used to start blogging and after reading this article you will get answer about how to start blogging and how can we make money from it?

Writing unique contents is  not an easy thing therefore blogging may be easy for those who are really interested and it may be hard for those who are only interested on making money, contents are the king of your blog therefore always focus on content that you are writing and find the niche in which you are interested.

Being a successful blogger is a hard thing but starting a blog that will be successful is easy and simple, just remember these things that I am explaining here.

Find your area of interest

In the field of blogging interest makes a successful blogger because your interest brings the topic that makes  a great content. If you blog in the niche which you are not interested, I guarantee that you will leave blogging after few months. Before starting a blog search for the talent that is hidden inside and write the thoughts that comes in your mind. Similarly, blogging without interest results on copying others content because you cannot write your own and finally you will be a failure.

Choosing Blogging Platform

There are many platform to start blogging but one of the best platform for newbie is blog because it’s easy to get started. I suggest you to get started from blogspot blog and later on migrate to paid WordPress hosting blog, you may think that why you should migrate from blogspot blog because after few months of blogging you may want more control over your site but it’s not possible in blogspot blog.

Writing Contents

Blog contents are king for your blog, therefore you should write great and quality contents that can grab readers as well as search engine attention. Yes, quality content are  responsible for search engine ranking and to be a successful blogger you contents should be quality and unique. Copying others contents will directly hamper your search engine ranking therefore think twice before copying others content because you cannot be a successful blogger by copying others content.

Earning Online

If you have followed above guidelines you can earn $ from your blog. When you have quality posts in your blog you can apply for advertisement program such as google adsense and I am sure that if you have followed my guideline your application for adsense will probably get accepted.



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