How to Earn money From YouTube: Earn $100 within 10 days

You may choose blogging or freelancing to earn some few bucks from the internet and unfortunately, you may get disappointed with the income earned from these platforms. As I was surfing and researching on the internet, I found another perfect trick to earn money from YouTube. Six months ago I uploaded my very first video on YouTube but my video failed to get more viewers and now the view is not more than 49. Later on a few weeks ago I uploaded another video and finally it was one of the successful videos that gained more than 105K views and $100 within 10 days. So, here in this post, I am going to write about my personal experience that provides the detail answer on How to Earn money From YouTube and How I made $100 within 10 days.

earned money from youtubeYou’ve probably heard that many people earning thousands of dollars from YouTube partnership program and thought of earning from it. Being a beginner earning thousands of dollars is not realistic fact however you can make enough money if you can upload a video that is searched massively. The question is how to attract the viewers towards your video and the answer is hidden in my personal experience that I am going to write in this post. Therefore, read this full story to get the answer on How to Earn money From YouTube and How I made 100$ within 10 days.

Note: This post is Purely based on my personal experience.

Changed Name of  Channel

What I did was started a channel with my name and finally end up with just 14 subscribers. Since I was not a celebrity to attract viewers to my channel, therefore, I created another YouTube channel with the realistic official name (Explore World, ItDigitalWorld).  Again I failed to gain more views but my subscribers were increasing daily, I noticed that my old channel is getting more views than new but the subscribers are not increasing. Therefore finally form this experience I found that  before you start your YouTube channel always remember to give an official name

 Uploaded Video after Keyword Research

This is the second thing that I did before uploading videos in my channel. I researched for keywords that my viewers are searching for which helped me a lot to determine the keywords that I should include to rank my video on top. As you know that keyword research is an important aspect to consider before writing a blog post likewise it is also very important before uploading any video on YouTube. You should research for the keywords that your viewers are searching and finally add those keywords in your video title and in tags as well as in description. It really works for me when I changed the keyword of my older video, the view was boosted by 80 percent.

Replaced Low-quality videos with HD videos

When I was reading a post in a popular blog I noticed a point where it was clearly written that YouTube gives priority to High-quality videos then low quality.  Before that, I used to upload low-quality videos by decreasing the size to reduce the uploading time. At that time I was not aware of uploading HD videos means giving more priority to the video. Meanwhile, after reading that post I decided to upload only HD videos, therefore, I started uploading High-Quality videos and finally after few weeks I saw my stats were rising daily and my subscribes were also increasing rapidly.

Applied a unique trick to attract viewers

What type of videos do your viewers like to watch? How can you force your viewers to search for the video that you have recently uploaded and How you can force YouTube to rank your video at top of search result? What I did was started following celebrity programs and capturing their programs in my iPhone. For example one day there was a concert of Mohit Chauhan(A famous singer from India) in Kathmandu,  for fun I captured and uploaded that video on YouTube. I cannot believe that within 1 day I got more than 10K views and within 10 days my I made $98.3. Later on, I uploaded the video of Mr. Narendra Modi which I had captured when he visited Nepal. However, it was not successful video as previous but till now  I made $56.2 from that video.

This trick works fine because when someone one search for Mohit Chauhan’s latest concert or Mohit Chauhan Concert in Nepal there are very few videos that matches the query and due to lack of matching video YouTube shows your video at the top which finally increase your views tremendously.

Shared videos on Social Networking Sites

Have you ever heard that sharing is caring and caring increases the priority. I mean to say that even though you don’t have many followers on Facebook or Twitter it doesn’t mean that you will not get views from there. For Example, After uploading Mohit Chauhan concert within 3 hours, I shared it on my Facebook page having 103 like and you will not believe that within 6 days I got more the 500 likes and 56 shares in my video which also helped me a lot to increase my page like.

It is not important that how many followers you have you just share it and wait for the result  I am sure that after few days you will only see increasing stats on your social networking page.

Create Evergreen Content

Content that never dies is something that works well on YouTube. Create something that never dies. I mean such videos that are meaningful and gives some knowledge to your viewers. No, matters what’s the quality of your video is, if your content sucks then it’s sure that you will never gonna earn from YouTube and therefore always try to create your own unique and high-quality content. I am not saying you to create such videos that no one has ever created I mean create a content that has its own originality and the message it gives should be a bit unique from other content creators. So, if you can make such videos that guides or entertain your viewers in any manner then probably in future your YouTube earning stats will surely gonna rise.



This is a simple guide that helps you to get some decent understanding of YouTube earning trick but if you are really serious about making your career on YouTube then you should upload your own content.

However, you can earn some few bucks by uploading celebrity videos but in order to make a sustainable channel you have to focus on the new concept. You cannot make your living just by using this trick but you can earn some few dollars. Therefore for long-lasting YouTube channel focus on content that you are uploading and try to increase the subscribers as many as you can.



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