Blogging for Beginners : A Complete Blogging guide for Beginners

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Blogging as a beginner is a kind of challenge for everyone. At the initial stage of blogging, I don’t have any idea about it and as I already mentioned in my previous post that I started my blogging journey from blogspot platform blogging is a kind of terrible challenge for me. I never thought that one day I will choose blogging as my primary profession and now by getting some experience in this field, I want to guide the newbie bloggers to setup their first blog. Blogging for beginners is really a challenge because you should start your work from beginning and you should learn different guidelines related with SEO, monetization etc. So, let’s get started and learn the “blogging for beginners” guide.

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blogging for beginners

Blogging for Beginners : A Complete Blogging guide for Beginners

Starting a new blog is not a hard job you just have to follow the guidelines provided within this post. So, let’s get started and learn the guide to start a  new blog.

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Choosing a Best Blogging Platform

The very first step of starting your blog is to choose your blogging platform such as Blogspot or WordPress. Both of them are free but in-order to use WordPress you need a paid hosting and a domain name however in blogger you don’t have to pay for anything. Blogger offers completely free environment to start your new blog with a free domain (  and in the other hand WordPress offers a free powerful Content Management System (CMS) but to start a new blog with WordPress you just have to purchase a domain and hosting. Although Blogspot is a free platform and it may be best for newbie blogger but if you are really serious about blogging and earning online from it I suggest you to use WordPress because it is more powerful and user-friendly then Blogspot. Moreover, you can also add extra functionality to your website by installing plugin which is not possible in Blogspot.

Choosing Custom Domain Name

Being a beginner you will probably choose the free domain names either provided by blogspot or  by free domain providers like .tk, but it is not a good practice because lets say you are blogging for one year and getting huge traffic to your site and now you want to switch to a custom domain name. So, if you switch to a custom domain you will lose all your alexa rank, page rank and again you will be treated as a beginner in the field of blogging. However having custom domain will increase your chances of adsense approval as well as you can establish your own goodwill with custom domains. Therefore it is a good practice to purchase a custom domain name.

Choosing a Hosting Provider

There are many different free options to start a new blog but having so many free options why you should use a paid hosting provider instead of using free? You may think, starting from blogger platform will be a best option for you but after few months of blogging if you want to add any extra feature in blogger there is no any option for you to customize. You are just bounded by limited opportunities to customize your blog and at last you will surely migrate to the self hosted WordPress site. Moreover, there are also many free hosting providers providing WordPress hosting solution but if you are really serious about blogging never select those hosting  because neither they have any uptime guarantee nor any guarantee of your website security. Although they may provide uptime guarantee, do not believe them because they are not the charity funds to provide free hosting without any selfishness.

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blogging for beginners

Writing Unique and High quality Posts

All your blog ranking and popularity depends upon the content you have written inside it. Never imagine to rank at top of search engine with low quality and copied contents. Copying and writing low quality of articles is just a waste of time because these types of contents cannot grab reader focus and attraction. Yes, it is true that you are not only the person writing on the same topic but while writing make sure you are not copying from others, it should reflect your own originality and uniqueness.

Monetizing your Blog

After completing the above steps the last step is to monetize your blog. You can monetize you blog using various advertisement programs or by using affiliate marketing. If you have written high quality and enough content you can even apply for Google adsense advertisement programs and can earn thousands of dollars from it.


Being 4 years experienced in the blogging field, I thought of writing a blogging for beginner’s guide for newbie bloggers to start their own brand new blog and finally I wrote this post. The points that I mentioned above are the very first steps of blogging journey. However you can learn more about blogging and SEO just by subscribing to ITDigitalWorld Newsletter and I hope this post may help you to solve your queries.

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