Can I really earn Just by Blogging for money

Four years ago I started my blogging career just to earn some pocket-money for my college expenses.  I setup my first blog in Blogspot platform because I was just thinking to earn as soon as possible and I don’t want to spend a single penny in any web hosting or domain provider. What I did was just a silly thing that a silly person will do, you will never believe that among the 100 post only 10 of them are unique and original post written by me. As you know that how Google will treat those copied post, after 8 months of blogging I loosed my 50% visitor because my organic search ranking is decreasing constantly. At first I cannot find the reason behind that but after few days of research I found that Google has penalized my blog for plagiarism. So, here the question is if you are not interested, can you earn a decent income just by blogging for money?

The answer for this question is based on my real story of 4 years of blogging  career. I will tell you what I learned from my mistakes and what you should avoid, to earn  handsome income just by blogging for money. Read this complete guide because it is based on my 4 years of personal experience and I think it will probably help you to solve your query related with earning online from a blog.

earn by blogging for money

Can I really earn Just by Blogging for money

The answer for this question is Yes, because when I started my first blog my 90% of content are copied. Although I had copied content from others I am getting decent traffic from search engine but after 4 months my traffic gradually decreases. Since, my content are copied from others my Adsense application was declined but I used infolinks as its alternative and made 325$ within 4 months of blogging but I lost all my happiness when Google updated their algorithm. I lost more than 50% of my traffic and finally I was just a failure with 325$ in my pocket. At that time I was really not interested on blogging but I made 325$ and it clearly shows that you can make money from blogging without having any interest. Therefore, to earn online just by blogging for money you have to avoid the mistakes that I have done before.

How to earn just by Blogging for money

Here I am going to explain some mistakes that you have to avoid in-order to get success. You probably know that earning money is not an easy thing and it becomes much harder to earn from the field you are not interested but by avoiding these mistakes you can get success in this field.

#1: Never Copy others

I did a great mistake that I copied from other in my previous blog. I was just a few steps far from my success  but due to plagiarism Google penalized my site and I lost all my traffic and at last I was just a failure. So, never copy others instead write your own unique articles.  As I already told you at the initial stage I was really not interested on blogging but now I am really interested and I love to share my thoughts and ideas with the whole world. Therefore, at last I just want to say that start a “Blog without any interest and one day you will love blogging after viewing your comments and daily visits”.`

#2: Avoid Using Pirated Themes and Templates

It’s a story of my friend who started a blog in WordPress platform. He has written such a nice and unique articles that I fell jealous of him. One day suddenly his website started showing unwanted ads and pop up in his blog. We started searching for the codes of those advertisement and finally we found that all the malicious codes are injected inside his theme. When I asked him he said that he downloaded that premium theme for free from torrent. After few days his Adsense account was also disabled and his search engine ranking was also decreased. However he gained his search ranking by hiring a seo expert but still his Adsense account is not unlocked.

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#3: Stay Calm

I am sure that many of us try to start a blog just to make money from it but in desperate of earning online as soon as possible, we choose the wrong path of blogging. Can you imagine a blog with low quality and copied contents getting a huge traffic from search engines? No, it is not possible. May be you don’t like writing but in hurry of earning fast never try to copy others. If you are not interested on blogging make a goal and force yourself to write a unique and high quality content and believe me you will make money some day; only if you follow the right path.Although you are not interested never try to start your blogging journey without putting real effort otherwise one day one more failure blogger will be added in the list of thousand. 

My mistakes taught me the chapter of running a successful blog and therefore after deleting all my post and pages from my previous blog I started ITDigitalWorld and now it is getting decent amount of traffic as well as my subscribers are also increasing daily. So, start your blog with unique content and one day I am sure that you will love blogging and you will say that I am not just blogging for money.



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