How to install WordPress

I already mentioned, that WordPress is an open source content management system and it is used to manage the contents of your website. WordPress is an essential application for every blogger in-order to manage their blogs. Before you can use WordPress you have to install WordPress in your local machine or in your web hosting server. Here I will guide you to install WordPress in your local machine as well as in your web hosting server. Let’s get started and learn how to install WordPress ?

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 Installing WordPress in Your Computer

Before you can install WordPress you have to download and install XAMPP from its website to create your computer as a local server. After installing XAMPP download wordpress form its official website. Now lets learn to install wordpress on your computer.

Step 1: After extracting the zip file copy all the downloaded WordPress file from the folder and paste it to C:\xampp\htdocs

Note: You have to copy all files from the WordPress folder and paste inside the htdocs folder or you can also create a folder to paste that file.

Step 2: Now run XAMPP and start Apache and MySQL service.

Step 3: Open any browser and type localhost/phpmyadmin to create a database. Click on Database at top left corner and you will see the text box below Create database. Type the database name and click on create.


After creating database open any of your browser and type localhost/foldername. Only type folder name if you have pasted the files inside any folder otherwise just type localhost.

Since I have pasted WordPress files inside wp folder I will type localhost/wp

After typing address in browser you will see a welcome screen, click on Lets go located at the bottom of the page

Type database name that you have already created, type root as a username and leave password field blank and other field default.

You will see the next screen and click on Run the install

In the next screen fill the required detail and click on Install WordPress

After successfully installing WordPress login into dashboard with your username and password that you have used while installing WordPress.

Installing WordPress in Web Server

Before you install WordPress in your web server make sure you have created a ftp account. If you don’t know how to create a ftp account just go to Files tab inside your C panel and create a new ftp account from FTP Accounts Sections or you can directly upload the files inside File manager

how to install wordpress in webserver

Now create a new MySQL database from Database > MySQL  Database section. Remember, that you have to use the same database username and password in installation  that you have used while creating the database  not “root“.

After creating the database upload the WordPress files using FTP client such as File Zilla or you can directly upload it from File Manager section.

Now , follow the same step that I have mentioned above and enjoy using WordPress 😀






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