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5 Best online free advertising sites for bloggers to get more audience

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The complete guide to promote your blog using online free advertising sites.  Internet advertising is now becoming the popular online way to promote your blog or business and it is now also becoming one of the best monetization platform for the bloggers who want to make living by writing

7 ways to speed up WordPress Performance and Speed

If you have chosen WordPress as your blogging platform, then it’s a perfect choice but as you continue on writing posts on WordPress you may notice that the speed and load time of your blog gradually goes on decreasing. You are not the only one person facing the problem with

7 Secret tips to Reduce Bounce rate from Google analytics stats: Case Study

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I know the pain of loosing visitors instantly after visiting your blog, I know How it feels whenever the visitor do not interact with your site. Although you may have used various techniques to engage your visitor by aiming to reduce bounce rate, but however, due to some reason

Blogging for Beginners : A Complete Blogging guide for Beginners

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Blogging as a beginner is a kind of challenge for everyone. At the initial stage of blogging, I don’t have any idea about it and as I already mentioned in my previous post that I started my blogging journey from blogspot platform blogging is a kind of terrible challenge for

Can I really earn Just by Blogging for money

Four years ago I started my blogging career just to earn some pocket-money for my college expenses.  I setup my first blog in Blogspot platform because I was just thinking to earn as soon as possible and I don’t want to spend a single penny in any web hosting

SEO Tips and Tricks for Beginners

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As a number of website increases in World Wide Web the problem of ranking at the top of search result  arises . Now, it is very hard to rank at top of the search result unless you use the keyword which is not used by other but it is rarely

Perfect Way to Backup WordPress Site and database

I have been blogging since 4 years and at the initial stage, I started my first self hosted WordPress blog in a free hosting site. I was fully satisfied with my free hosting provider but my satisfaction was going to be one of my worst case scenario. My blog traffic was