5 Best online free advertising sites for bloggers to get more audience

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The complete guide to promote your blog using online free advertising sites. 

Internet advertising is now becoming the popular online way to promote your blog or business and it is now also becoming one of the best monetization platform for the bloggers who want to make living by writing articles. As you know that the internet is the place with unlimited opportunities where you can make your living just by writing the articles in your blog, but it is not so easy as I am explaining here.

It is a complex job for the bloggers who have recently joined this cruel blogging world, newbie bloggers have to urge for each visit and comments because it is harder for them to get a single organic visit to their site.  Even Though your blog post is fully optimized for search engine but at initial stage, you won’t get much organic visit because search engine won’t trust the new sites, therefore you must use some promotional techniques to get more visitors and to increase your trust flow. So, here in this post I will provide you the list of online free advertising sites that will help you to promote your blog without investing a single penny on the advertisement.

free advertising sites for bloggers

List of online free advertising sites for bloggers to get more visitors

In early days there used to be a barter exchange system where goods are exchanged using another good but later on after the invention of money this system was completely changed and now you have to pay for each service or goods that you are going to buy. It is not an economics lecture where I am going to explain about the term money or barter system, but when we talk about free advertising sites then the theory of barter system is used where instead of paying the real money to advertise you have to do some hard work to promote your blog.

Nothing is free here in this cruel world, therefore if you are expecting to find free advertising sites that works same as Google Adwords or Bing ads, then you must end here because there are no such companies who offer to advertise without investing a single penny.

So, guys here in this post I will provide you the list of free advertising sites that will allow you to promote your blog without investing a single cent in online advertisement.


 1. Facebook

Social sites like Facebook or Twitter are the places where majority of people spend their time online to read the latest updates or to chat with their friends. Providing a link to your content is the great way to promote and put your content in the face of your audience. Therefore, in order to get decent amount of traffic from social sites you have to work hard to build your audience.

Building more audience in Facebook means getting more likes in your fan page and when I started my facebook page I just have only one like and the very first person to like that page was me. 🙂  So, in order to grab the attention of more audience and to get more likes, I invited all of my 400 friends to like my page and within few hours the numbers of likes was increased to 153. Instantly after getting over 100 likes I started posting the links to my blog post and I was getting over 5 visits daily.

Why I am suggesting you to invite your friends is because invitation to 200 friends can bring up to 50 likes and if you can send such invitation from the facebook account of  your 10 besties then it will boost your facebook like within few days. By using this technique I made over 1000 fans and today I have more than 3K likes in my facebook page. So, now whenever I promote my link in facebook page, I am getting more than 100  referrals.

Yes, it is true that at initial days you will not get enough traffic from facebook, but I think it is better to have some few visitors instead of having none.

free advertising sites - analytics referral reports

Referral to my site within 15 days.

2. YouTube

YouTube is a great platform to earn online as well as to advertise your blog without investing in advertisement. So, the question is How can we advertise our blog on YouTube. To find the answer just follow the procedure that I am going to provide here.

YouTube has more than 1 billion users where every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours of videos and generate billions of views. What if one of your video can rank at the top result of YouTube, What if you can get thousands of daily views in your video.

To be more clear on this topic, let’s take an example from my experience. Few months ago I uploaded a “How to” video that is about blocking porn site from computer and from smartphones. After few days of uploading, I was getting hundreds of daily views and as I have mentioned my blog link below in the description, weekly I was getting hundreds of referrals from YouTube. Therefore guys do follow the same procedure and upload a useful video to advertise your site without investing a single penny in an advertisement.

3. Popular Blogs

Popular blog can be free advertising sites for your blog. If you can avoid  shortcuts and spammy techniques to promote your blog then you can use other popular sites as a place to promote your blog. Whenever you write a new post it may take up to 24 hours to get indexed in search engine therefore within this period you will not get a single organic traffic from search engines.

Usually when I publish a new post to my site, I make a list of 10 popular blogs to comment or to write a guest post and within few hours commenting in those blogs I can get up to 10-20 referral each day. Therefore,  in order to get more audience from another blog just add some genuine comment and you can even write your own guest post to other blog.

 4. Coupon codes and offers

Few months ago I was working on Fiverr with a gig to “design a complete wordpress site” where one of my client provided me the hosting detail of Godaddy to manage her wordpress site. After logging in into Godaddy account I found the 50$ coupon code for bing ads and instantly after designing the website I took the permission from my client to use that coupon code. She grants me the permission to use that coupon code to promote her website and within few hours of using that coupon code the website was getting 100-200 daily referral for 5 days.

As you know that the website that I designed in fiverr was new and it was not even indexed in search engine but as I was advertising it on Bing ads it was getting decent traffic each day. Therefore guys do remember that hosting companies like Hostgator and Godaddy usually provide advertising coupon while purchasing hosting account that will help you to promote your blog.

5. Forum and Yahoo Answer

Forum and answering sites such as Yahoo answers can be used as free advertising sites to promote your blog. In order to get referrals from forums just start a conversation or answer to the question with an appropriate link to your website. Make sure that the conversation you start is not spammy and the link should answer the query that is asked in the conversation. If you think that you can promote just by adding useless urls then you should stop right now because you will get banned by the moderator.



Although there are several online advertisement companies but you cannot find any free advertising sites to promote without investing a single penny therefore guys stop searching for the free sites that works same as Bing ads and Google adwords. The list of free advertising sites mentioned in this post are only the sites that allow you to promote your blog without charging your credit card therefore guys use these techniques to promote your blog and if you like this post please comment below to share your thoughts.

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