How to get more likes on facebook page

If you have recently created a Facebook fan page  for your blog or a website, increasing likes will be the major headache for you. Simply you can get 50-100 likes just by inviting your friends but the problem arises after that. Increasing a single like is just like searching water on desert. As you know that number of website visitor directly depends upon the number of Facebook fans. Therefore it is very important to increase your likes because more the number of Facebook fans, is more the popularity of a blog. As being a professional blogger and from my 3 years of blogging experience, I am  showing you some tricks to get more likes on Facebook page.

how to get more likes on facebook

Without wasting the time lets see some effective strategies to increase your Facebook likes.

1. Engage your audience  

Posting an effective Facebook post, that will engage the audience is the perfect way to increase you Facebook fan following. Posting some jokes, quiz or some heart touching lines or pictures will encourage the audience to share your post, comment  or to like it and that will probably increase the visibility of your Facebook page to more audience.

2. Using Friends Facebook ID

You will probably invite your friends instantly after creating your Facebook fan page but there’s another technique of increasing the likes by requesting your  friends to invite their other friends. If your 10 friends invite all of their friends in their list, I guarantee that your Facebook like will be more than 500.

3. Uploading videos on YouTube

Sign up for a YouTube channel and start uploading some videos that entertains or trains the viewers. The video must represent your blog and at the conclusion of the video request the viewers to like your Facebook page as well provide the link to you fan page at the description of the video.

4. Add like box and sharing buttons

Use the like box and provide link to your Facebook page in your blog or a website to increase the fan following of your Facebook page. Sharing buttons are also important factor to increase the likes therefore always add the sharing buttons inside of your posts. If you are using wordpress as a content management system there are various plugin available to create an attractive and effective buttons.

5. Comment on popular pages

Yes, this trick works for me. When I used to comment on some popular pages, normally I used to get 4-5 likes daily. So, how to comment on popular blogs? Its simple, comment  on page as a brand (ITDigitalWorld) not as an individual (Tirtha Ojha) and there is a high chances of getting more likes from the comment on those popular pages.

However, these are some of the effective technique to increase you fan following on Facebook but there is one more technique to increase you likes and that is by using Facebook advertisement. By the way to promote your page using Facebook you have to spend some dollars and that’s the reason I have not mentioned it above.

Good Luck 😀 and I hope this technique will help you to increase your Facebook fan following.






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