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As I already mentioned in several posts that I started my blogging career for blogspot platform ( Since I was newbie in the field of blogging  at that time I don’t have any idea about proper SEO techniques. I never implemented any SEO techniques in any of my blog posts. Actually I was lucky that I was getting enough traffic at that time but when I started writing more and more blog posts I was shocked when the number of visitors were not increasing. I started researching on internet about increasing the post rank in search results then I found that backlinks pointing to my site can increase the rank in search result. Without wasting my time I started searching about increasing backlinks and I found various techniques but among them buying backlinks is the most easiest way for me.  At that time when I was planning to buy backlinks I was not aware about the penalty that I have to pay after buying backlinks. So, this post is purely based on my personal experience on how my site was penalized after buying backlinks.

buying backlinks

 Before we get started let’s have a quick intro on what backlinks are:

To find out the perfect match for someones query and to figure out the content of webpage search engines not just look at meta description, title tags or whole content instead they also look at the links pointing to that page, those links could be from inside of your same website or from outside pointing to your site and you might not even know its existence and therefore in simple words links pointing toward your site are called backlinks.

Simply there are two types of backlinks one is do-follow links (Considered by search engine to rank your website) and another is no-follow links (Not considered by search engine to rank your website).

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Where I can buy backlinks?

A serious blogger never ask this question because he knows the results that he may face after buying links but to protect you from repeating the same mistake that I have done before I have listed the places from where I bought links for my previous blog.

1. Google Search

This was the very first step that I did before buying backlinks, I researched on Google to find out the cheapest backlink service provider and finally I can’t find any services below $10 therefore I stopped searching on Google.

google search to buy backlinks

2. Fiverr

This was the option I choose to buy backlinks because fiverr is the best marketplace to buy any gig at just $5. At that time I thought that I found a perfect place to buy links and purchased 3 gigs from fiverr. I was a fool because I was happy at that time thinking now my blog traffic will increase along with my site page rank. As you know that there is no shortcut for success, my happiness didn’t last for more then 3 days.

buying backlinks from fiverr

My Story of Buying Backlinks

2 years ago I was blogging on Blogspot  platform (  without any knowledge of SEO. I don’t have any idea about keyword research, meta description and backlinks. You will never believe that I used to copy  my whole blog post as meta description although it was clearly mentioned that it should not be greater then 160 characters. Time goes on passing I was writing more and more articles but I was not getting enough traffic to those posts. However I have neglected all of the seo techniques but I think I was lucky that some of my posts were ranking at good position. Few post ranking at top position is not enough for me and as I already mentioned above that without knowing any consequences I started planning to buy backlinks to rank my post at top of the search result. At that time I don’t have any idea about what I was doing, I was just thinking about a successful blog but I don’t know that I had chosen a wrong path for my success. What I did was a great mistake in my blogging carrier because finally after buying backlinks my blog was penalized by Google and at last I had zero visitors to my blog.

So, this post deals with the consequences that I have  faced after buying backlinks, how I recovered my  previous  search engine position and how I bring my traffic back to normal.

Result after buying backlinks

1. My search engine position and traffic goes on increasing

I still remember that day when my traffic was increased by 200 percent and I was shouting like a crazy. I thought that it was right decision I have done ever because the position of my site in Google goes on increasing and I was thinking that now I can earn enough money from my blog. I was so excited that every second I was checking my site traffic and I can see huge improvement in my site visits but as you know that shortcut never brings success, my happiness end up with in few days.

increase in pageviews after buying backlinks

2. I lost my positions and visitors after 2 days

My happiness didn’t last for more then 2 days, I lost my new as well as previous ranking. At that time  I don’t have any idea about what is happening and finally after few hours of research I found my site was penalized by Google for buying backlinks. After being penalized I realized that algorithm of Google is more cleaver then me  and now I was not getting any organic traffic from Google.

In search of success I choose a wrong path which finally makes me a failure. Although there are various shortcut for ranking you site at top position of Google but I strongly suggest you to follow the correct path because you cannot be a successful blogger with doing any hardwork.

Why my site was Penalized

1. Google knows that my backlinks  are not genuine

Algorithm of Google is so powerful that it can easily distinguish between purchased and genuine backlinks. It was my mistake that I purchased backlinks without knowing its consequences. Never try to buy backlinks because today algorithm update of google(Penguin 3.0) is so powerful and cleaver that it can easily penalize your site if you have purchased any backlinks.

2. Non-relevant backlinks

Search engine mainly consider relevant backlinks for ranking purpose. The links coming for more relevant sources will be more valuable than the links coming for non-relevant sources. For example: My blog is related with SEO, earning online and blogging and if I am getting backlinks from same niche then it will considered as relevant link but what if I am getting links from food blog obviously it is non-relevant and search engine hate these types of backlinks.

3. Low quality backlinks

Yes, I am getting backlinks but they are not form trusted sources or from high PR site they are just links not more than that. When I try to open those links I always get 404 error, most of the links are fake with broken URL. After reviewing all my backlinks I realized why my site rank and organic traffic was decreased. Backlinks coming from any untrusted source are not considered for ranking purpose instead they directly hamper your site ranking therefore never think of buying backlinks to increase your PR or site rank.

How I recovered from penalty

As you know that my site was penalized by Google for buying backlinks, I don’t have any idea about recovering from that penalty. I was regretting for that silly mistake and thinking that one day I will automatically gain my old position but I was wrong after 1 week again my site was getting not more the 2 visits. Now, I was taking this seriously and finally after researching I found a perfect tool for recovering from this penalty and it was Disavow links tool developed by Google to block Spammy backlinks.

Disavow links to block spammy backlinks

As I am getting backlinks from spammy sites my blog was also considered as spammy and therefore I am not getting any organic traffic. So, in-order to gain my previous position I made the list of  all those spammy backlinks in a text file and uploaded that text file to Disavow links tool. Gradually, after few days of uploading that text file organic traffic of my blog goes on increasing and finally after 7 days my site was again back to its previous position.

Uploading links to block spammy backlinks


In rush of getting more visitors  you may choose a wrong path (such as buying backlinks) and that may negatively impact you site SEO. In terms of search engine optimization never try shortcuts otherwise you can face the same problem that I have faced before. Finally, I just want your nice and honest opinions in the comment below and if you like this post please share with you friends to save them from repeating the same mistake.

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