How to build a business website with wordpress – Drag and Drop method

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How to build a business website with wordpress

Hiring a developer to design your business website can cost you hundreds of dollars and I am pretty sure that you are not willing to pay the amount if there is an alternative. I am talking about the world’s top content management system i.e. wordpress.  Guys read this complete guide to get the answer of How to build a business website with wordpress.

Here in this guide I will be teaching you a drag and drop method to start your brand new website without any programming skills. Forget all those “else, if else” statements because this guide is also for non programmers as well as for beginners.

Tools Required Before Getting Started

Note: Before getting started these three tools cannot be neglected and it is compulsory to get a web hosting, and a Divi theme installed in WordPress.

How to build a business website with wordpress

Building a business website can cost to hundreds and thousands of dollars so in order to eliminate this cost I have created this guide for you to learn website designing from scratch. So, the very first step is to install wordpress in your web hosting. I have divided all the procedure in further steps below.

Buying a web hosting and domain name

This is the first step to get started. You need to buy your own business domain name i.e. and a server to store your website files.

There are several cheap hosting solutions out there in the market but as we all know that quality always comes with price you should never fall in trap because most of the cheapest hosting company  either charge double amount while renewing or their server always goes offline.

Recommended Domain and Hosting Solution : HostNine

Installing WordPress in Webhosting

After purchasing a domain name and a hosting account you need to install wordpress and a divi theme to get a drag and drop WordPress builder. As Divi theme is developed by elegantthemes you need to buy their membership plan.

Buy Divi theme from eleganttheme

Designing website using Drag and drop builder

As this tutorial purely depends upon divi theme you have to join eleganttheme to download it and I recommend you to select developer plan while joining.

I assume that you have installed divi theme in your wordpress site. If you don’t know how to install a theme in a wordpress site then please watch this video.

Now, after watching this video I hope you can install and activate wordpress themes

After activating the theme you need to create two separate pages one with name “Home” and another with name “Blog”.

The page home will be your landing page for homepage and blog page will display your latest blog posts. Now, let’s get started by selecting these two different pages as front page and blog page.

Go to Settings and click on reading option at Front Page Display section select A Static Page

In the field Front page select recently created page Home and in post page select another page Blog.

Drag and Drop website builder in wordpress

Now, Go to pages and edit the recently created page home.

Divi theme comes with preloaded drag and drop feature therefore you don’t have to worry about installing any paid plugins. As soon as you complete installing and creating a page the designing process gets started. Divi theme comes with several preloaded layouts so that you don’t have to worry on creating several modules one by one.

Now, after editing the page just click at Use Page Builder that brings an interface to design a website just by adding some rows, columns and inserting some modules in it.

drag and drop website builder wordpress divi page builder

Let’s build a business website with wordpress

As mentioned previously divi comes with preloaded layouts so that you don’t have to build a business website with wordpress from beginning. Just click at Load Layout that brings several layouts for your homepage, About, portfolio and Contact us page.

drag and drop website builder preloaded layouts


Now, I will select Homepage Company as a layout to build a business website with wordpress. You can select any layout  that fits your website needs.  After selecting the preoaded layouts you can see that several modules are automatically added in the page field and these module will determine the look of your website.

build business website in wordpress using divi theme

Now,  save the page and as Homepage Company is selected as a layout lets see how it looks in front end.


Let me give you the introduction of several sections used in Divi theme.

wordpress builder basic structure


It is one of the largest building block used to design layouts. Sections are used to create areas in your website and you can find two different options to create area one is Regular and another is Full width section.


Modules are the visual elements that make up your website. Every modules that Divi has can fit into any column width and they are all full responsive.


Guys, this is how you can build a business website with wordpress without any technical programming skill. I tried my best to guide you trough the process that are required while building a brand new website in wordpress with drag and drop builder. If you have any queries or suggestion I am happy to read them in the comments below.


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