Host1Plus Review: Cheapest and best web hosting for beginners

Are you searching for a cheapest and best web hosting provider that offers web hosting at cheapest price?

If yes, then you are a perfect place because here I am going to provide a detail review of Host1plus, a best web hosting company from United Kingdom. Host1Plus was founded in September 2008 by Vincentas Grinius with the aim of delivering a cheapest and best web hosting solution for bloggers and and small business owners.

Searching and finding a perfect and reliable web hosting can be a frustrating job for you. Purchasing a hosting account means one time investment for a year long period. As being a blogger I know how it feels when my site goes offline or when my site get hacked or trapped. So, it is necessary for every blogger or website owners to choose a reliable and secure web hosting to protect our site and to get a guaranteed up-time.Host1Plus Review: Cheapest and best web hosting for beginners

Till today I have changed around 4 web hosting services. In one hand some provider are giving high quality service but they are charging high prices and on the other hand some hosting provider are also offering cheapest solution but with several issues like high downtime, several security flaws and many more.

Now you can end up your frustration because by analyzing the services provided by Host1plus I came up with the conclusion that it is not just a good it is one of the best web hosting provider for wordpress user as well as for small business owners.


Why Host1plus is best web hosting provider

1. Cheapest web hosting ($24/year)

Host1Plus review cheapest web hosting solution

If you are earning enough from your blog then it is fine to invest hundreds of dollars yearly for the rental of web hosting service but I don’t think its a good practice to buy an expensive web hosting company if you are starting your blog for the first time.

At initial stage you should focus on building audience rather then buying expensive venture. When you start a blog,it is important to spend your money sensibly and to keep low. However, you should definitely try to make the most money you have. A very good and effective investment is a cheap web hosting package which will become essential to get potential visitors for your blog.

Instant support

I must say that customer support of host1plus id outstanding. They do have live chat support as well as you can also issue ticket if you face any problem with your website. I am pretty sure that their 24 hours support will never disappoint you.

host1plus email support  message

Recently, we faced a tremendous earthquake here at Nepal, therefore I issued a ticket to host1plus customer support to extend my payment due date and within few minutes they extended my deadline for 10 days without any extra charges. Similarly, I faced various different problem while pointing my domain name to my VPS server and with in few minutes of issuing ticket they fixed it and replied.

Moreover, their live chat support is mind-blowing because you don’t have to wait in long queue to contact representative. If you are using payoneer then you have faced this issue of waiting 20-30 minutes to contact live chat representative but in host1plus one click is everything.

One click wordpress installation

I have seen many web host where you have to manually install wordpress by uploading its files and by creating the database but here in host1plus within few clicks you can install and start you brand new wordpress website.

Note: There is another package that only costs $9.95 per year (only for static website) but do remember that it doesn’t support web application with databases. I mean  you can’t host WordPress in this package.




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