How to reset lost WordPress Password from phpMyAdmin

This post will help you to reset lost wordpress password using phpmyadmin.

Nothing matters a lot in the field of blogging except your hard work, what if it is spoiled like a water poured in desert? What if your blog is hacked or you lost your wordpress password? These are some of the common answers that every blogger should know before or after starting a blog.

Few years back after migrating my blog from blogspot to self hosted wordpress blog I faced various new challenges. One of the major challenge was unknown suspicious login attempts  to hack my blog. Unfortunately my blog was hacked because I have created a simple password like “wordpress123” and I think the hacker used brute force attack to grab my password. As I have not limited the login attempts it was much easier for the hacker to reveal my password.

reset lost WordPress Password from phpMyAdmin

Reset WordPress Password


So, guys never ever repeat the same mistake that I have done before instead do use some preventive measures to protect your blog from hackers. After being hacked I noticed that my blog was full of annoying ads and I was not able to login into my wordpress admin dashboard. As I have used different password in my web hosting cPanel I can login and instantly after getting hacked I tried two different methods to reset my wordpress password. One is by using phpmyadmin and another is by using recovery email. Therefore here in this post I will guide you to reset lost wordpress password from phpmyadmin.

Steps to reset lost WordPress Password

While recovering your lost wordpress password make sure that you have access to your web hosting cPanel. If you don’t have access to your web hosting control panel then it will be really very hard to recover your wordpress password. Remember guys while starting a blog never ever create a same username and password of cPanel and wordpress admin dashboard.

So, guys without wasting our time let’s continue this guide.

WordPress admin password reset using phpmyadmin

Step 1: Find the name of the database

The very first step is to find the  name of your database. Before resetting your lost wordpress password you need to identify the correct database because sometime you might be running multiple blogs in same web hosting server. It is strictly necessary to find the exact database in which you have to modify while resetting your password.

How to find my database name

Login into your web hosting cpanel and open file manager where your wordpress installation files are located, you can even use FTP clients like FileZilla.

After opening your file manager, look for the filename “wp-config.php”

open wp-config to  reset lost WordPress Password

Open this file using any text editor or you can even use inbuilt code editor.

After opening wp-config.php file search for the line of code written as

define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘your_database_name’);

This is how you can identify your correct database name. Now, after identifying database it’s time to modify few tables to reset lost wordpress password.

Step 2: Modify your database

Once you have identified your database name next step is to open your phpmyadmin which you can find in the database section of your cpanel.

reset lost WordPress Password from phpMyAdmin

After opening phpmyadmin you can find all of your database in left side of the screen, just click on your correct database name.

You can find a collection of tables in your database, search for “wp_users” table and open it.

After opening your wp_users table you can find your username in user_login row and encrypted MD5 hash password in user_pass row

Click on edit to modify your “user_pass” field, remember you have to type your password in MD5 hash. You cannot simply type your password here.

To create a MD5 hash of your password, go to and type your plain password in the generator field and then click on generate.

reset lost WordPress Password by modifying md5 hash

Copy the generated MD5 hash  and paste it in the “user_pass” field save it and you’re done your password is successfully changed. Remember while logging in you need to type your plain password instead of MD5 hash.

Video Guide to change reset lost WordPress Password

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