10 Best High Paying Affiliate Marketing Programs for bloggers to earn more money

Adsense is not just a single way to monetize your blog, rejection of adsense application doesn’t mean that you cannot monetize your blog anymore. You can find various different alternatives of adsense and among them affiliate marketing program is one of the best.

The best part of affiliate programs is that they doesn’t have any strict rules and policies before applying. It means that you don’t have to worry about your site age or daily visitors, you will get accepted instantly after applying. As being a blogger I have been promoting best affiliate programs in my blog and making enough money from it.

If you notice in the advertisement section of my blog you cannot find any third-party ads because I am making enough money from affiliate marketing programs. Within my entire blogging carrier, I have been promoting various affiliate programs and by determining the services and commission rates I have created the list of 10 best high paying affiliate marketing programs for bloggers who want to earn more money from their blog.

high paying affiliate programs

Before writing the review about those best high paying affiliate marketing programs let’s have a quick introduction of affiliate marketing.

What  is affiliate marketing

According to Wikipedia “Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.”

In affiliate marketing process you will be promoting any of the brand or software in any manner (blog writing, forum posting, banner displaying and etc) and you will be paid for each sales generated through your promotional link.

For example you are promoting a web hosting company and if any of your visitor goes through your unique promotional link and purchased any of the hosting package then you will be paid few percent of commission for that sale.

This was the quick overview about affiliate marketing and now its time to review top 10 best high paying affiliate marketing programs.

10 Best High Paying Affiliate Marketing Programs

The affiliate marketing programs that I am going to list here are based on my 2 years of personal experience and therefore here in this post I will be reviewing 10 high paying affiliate marketing programs by comparing their commission rate, minimum payout, payment methods and their terms and policies.

1. MyThemeShop Affiliate Programs

MyThemeShop is a WordPress theme development company with more than 167000+ satisfied customers in the world. MyThemeShop only provides fully seo optimized and responsive wordpress theme with lifetime support to their customers. No matter which version of wordpress you are using theme developed by mythemeshop works on almost every version. Moreover the best part of mythemeshop is the prices they offer, I don’t think that there are any other cheapest theme provider in compared to mythemeshop.

Why MyTheMeShop Afiiliate Marketing Program is best

MyThemeShop is not just a theme development company, it is also one of the best monetization platform for bloggers. The affiliate program offered by mythemeshop is just  incomparabl because the commission rate provided by mythemeshop is too high (70%) in compared to other affiliate programs.

As I am using MyThemeShop affiliate for more then 5 months, I have made more than 500$ just from its affiliate program. It really motivates me a lot to blog on and to share my experience with other beginners.

No minimum payout value

2 years ago I started my affiliate journey form a hosting affiliate and made my first sale from it but as my blog was not getting enough traffic I was not able to withdraw that earning until I meet the minimum threshold value i.e 100$. Since, my blog was not getting enough visitors it took 4 months to get another affiliate sale and at last after 4 months I was able to withdraw that earning.

So, if you are a beginner then you must choose MyThemeShop affiliate program because you have no any criteria to earn and withdraw your earnings.

60 days return cookie

What if your visitor clicked your affiliate link and signed up after 1 week? Do you loose your commission or you will get paid for that sale? Of-course if you are using MyThemeShop affiliate program you will get paid if your visitor signed up within 60 days because mythemeshop offers 60 days return cookie.

Customizable Coupon code

It is one of the great feature that mythemeshop offers. You can customize the discount percent and commission that you are going to earn. More the commission is less the discount will be and less the commission is more the discount will be.

high paying affiliate programs

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2. DreamHost Affiliate Program

DreamHost is Los Angeles based web hosting company founded in 1996. Their web hosting plan starts with $8.95 per month but if are promoting their affiliate program then your visitors can get 1 year of hosting just at $22.4.

Dreamhost directly offers $97 commission for each sale but if you want to provide discount to your visitors then you can create you coupon code and when your visitors uses that coupon code then you will get some percentage of commission from that sale.

I recommend you to give discount of $50 because then you can get commission of $47.

DreamHost also offers long-term profit plan. In this long-term plan you will get 10% of direct commission through each new referral and 5% of all payment forever from the secondary referral.

High paying affiliate marketing programs

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 3. Bluehost Affiliate program

Bluehost is another great webhosting company founded in 2002 and is considered as another high paying affiliate marketing program. Bluehost is currently offering $65 per referral and unfortunately bluehost doesn’t offer any coupon code discount for your visitors.

Bluehost hosting plan start from $3.49/month which is cheaper than other hosting providers plan and for their affiliate marketers bluehost offers $100 of minimum payout.

Sign Up for BlueHost Affiliate

4. Hostgator Affiliate Program

Hostgator is another great affiliate marketing program for beginner bloggers. As Bluehost hostgator is also one of the popular web hosting company offering hosting just for $3.96/month. For their affiliate marketers hostgator pays $50 per each sale but when your sale is above 5 then you will get $75 per sale. For more detail about the commission paid by hostgator see the picture below.

Some Great feature of HostGator

  • Earn upto $125 per sale
  • Commission paid using PayPal and Check

High paying affiliate marketing program

Same as Bluehost the minimum payout of Hostgator is $100 and your each commission will only be paid after 45 days of signup.

Sign Up for HostGator Affiliate

5. SiteGround Affiliate program

SiteGround is one of the best high paying affiliate marketing program with no minimum payout value, it means that you don’t have to wait until you meet the minimum threshold. The commission provided by SiteGround is same as Hostgator but SiteGround pays commission weekly whereas hostgator pays after 45 days.  As you know that the hostng plan of hostgator starts at $3.96 whereas hosting plan of siteground starts at $3.95.

Some Great features of SiteGround

  • Earn upto $125/sale
  • Commission paid each week
  • No minimum payout rate
  • Real time tracking of your sales and commission

siteground high paying affiliate marketing programs

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As I have mentioned that I will provide the list of 10 best high paying affiliate marketing programs but here I have only listed the 5. I just want my readers and visitors to share their affiliate marketing experience with me in the comment below and if you do have any other great affiliate program please kindly list below because the remaining should be provided by you.

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