How to add Blogger Contact Form in Contact us page

It’s a frustrating job when I try to add contact form in my blogger contact us page. Since, by default blogger only provides a widget to add contact form in your side bar therefore you need some coding techniques to add it inside your contact us page. However you can find those coding by searching

Top 8 Best Free Web Hosting providers

I started my blogging journey from but later on I migrated to WordPress with free domain and hosting. I was really satisfied with my domain and hosting providers and now I thought of sharing my free hosting providers with other newbie budding bloggers. I have researched a lot on finding these perfect hosting providers

Perfect Way to Backup WordPress Site and database

I have been blogging since 4 years and at the initial stage, I started my first self hosted WordPress blog in a free hosting site. I was fully satisfied with my free hosting provider but my satisfaction was going to be one of my worst case scenario. My blog traffic was increasing daily and with in 3

Fix 404 error | 404 file or directory not found error in WordPress

In terms of search engine optimization broken links are crucial problem that may impact your organic search engine ranking as well as it will also affect your visitors user interface, and so fixing those broken links by redirecting broken 404 links to a custom designed page is the perfect solution for this problem. Creating a

How to get more likes on facebook page

If you have recently created a Facebook fan page  for your blog or a website, increasing likes will be the major headache for you. Simply you can get 50-100 likes just by inviting your friends but the problem arises after that. Increasing a single like is just like searching water on desert. As you know

SEO Link building strategies that you should follow

As the number of websites increases in the web, the problem of sorting and analyzing the search query arises. Therefore nowadays the search engine are based on a perfect idea to figure out about the content of the webpage  and a good match for someone search query, not just by looking the title tags, meta description tags

Never Known ways to earn money online

May be you are thinking of working from home but you don’t have any idea where to start from, may be you are thinking that working and earning online from home is an impossible fact but now the trend has changed, you can earn thousands of dollars just by using your laptop or your smartphone.

Top 10 best free wordpress themes

Finding a perfect free wordpress theme for your website may be a headache for you, distinguishing and comparing different features  may drive you in the situation of dilemma. Therefore,  I have researched for  top 10 best free WordPress themes, which you can use in your blogs or a website. Lets see the collection and choose your best

How to use wordpress ?

WordPress is an open source application that can create any simple blog to an  advance website. It was developed by a guy name  Matt Mullenweg. If you are starting a new blog or a website WordPress is the right platform that you should choose. WordPress is a content management system that will be valuable for

How to install WordPress

I already mentioned, that WordPress is an open source content management system and it is used to manage the contents of your website. WordPress is an essential application for every blogger in-order to manage their blogs. Before you can use WordPress you have to install WordPress in your local machine or in your web hosting