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How Much does Google Adsense Pay Per Click to its Publishers

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Read this complete post to find the answer of How Much does Google Adsense Pay Per Click on its Ads. Recently, I wrote a post on high paying adsense alternatives where I have mentioned different types of high paying alternatives to adsense. Same as previous post it is also related

5+ Security Tips to Protect wordpress blog from hackers

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Read this complete guide to find great security tips to secure your wordpress site from hackers. Nowadays, security is being great concern for wordpress users because around 74.6 billion of site on world wide web depends upon wordpress to manage their website, it’s around 18.9 percent of total website in the

How to reset lost WordPress Password from phpMyAdmin

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This post will help you to reset lost wordpress password using phpmyadmin. Nothing matters a lot in the field of blogging except your hard work, what if it is spoiled like a water poured in desert? What if your blog is hacked or you lost your wordpress password? These

5 reasons why to use CDN – Content Delivery Network in Your Blog

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Why do you need a content delivery network (CDN) in your blog or why to use CDN? Get the answer by reading this full post. I never thought that one day I will integrate CDN in my blog because at initial days I have no idea about what a

Adsense alternatives : 30 best high paying Google adsense alternatives

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Read the complete post to find the list top 30 high paying adsense alrenatives. There is no doubt that Google adsense is one of the  best way to monetize your blog however all of us are not so lucky to get approved by adsense. I have seen many cases

How to add Blogger Contact Form in Contact us page

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It’s a frustrating job when I try to add contact form in my blogger contact us page. Since, by default blogger only provides a widget to add contact form in your side bar therefore you need some coding techniques to add it inside your contact us page. However you

MyThemeshop Coupon : Get 50 percent discount on wordpress theme

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Purchasing a SEO optimized and responsive premium theme is not so easy job because we cannot find any WordPress theme below $40 but here in this post, readers of ITDigitalWorld will get 50 percent of discount on any theme from MyThemeShop. MyThemeShop is the marketplace to find the collection of